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Posted on: July 4th, 2013

Ocean Ramsey, the ‘shark whisperer,’ swims unprotected with great white sharks

A fearless Hawaii-based conservationist has created a stunning video of herself swimming with a great white shark in an effort to make people realize the predators aren’t as scary as they seem. “We wanted to show that this is what they’re really like — not the Hollywood movie where you put a drop of blood in the water and the animals go crazy,” Ocean Ramsey told the Daily Telegraph.

“There is an instinctive fear, knowing what the animals are capable of, but it’s hard to describe what it’s like to be in the presence of such a magnificent animal,” she said. “I felt extremely privileged to have such a close encounter.”


Ramsey and Oliphant’s video came the same week California’s Fish and Game Commission decided to weigh a petition calling for the great white shark to be classified an endangered species.

It is estimated that there are fewer than 350 great whites swimming along the Pacific Coast and fewer than 3,500 left worldwide.

Oliphant said he and Ramsey want the video to touch as many people as possible given the shark’s plight.


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