Grind TV – Free diver rides on back of great white shark
Posted on: November 26th, 2013

What better way to get a conservation message across than to swim with an apex predator?

Graceful. Peaceful. Beautiful. It’s the exact message free diver Ocean Ramsey wants to convey about the great white shark, that it has a gentler side than one often depicted in Hollywood movies. And what better way to get your message across than to swim with the apex predator. Well, not just swim with a great white shark, but grab hold of its dorsal fin and take a ride. In the interest of conservation, Ramsey calmly hitches a ride with a great white shark. Watch:

The video of Ramsey, a shark conservation advocate in Hawaii, was shot off the coast of Mexico, according to The Daily Telegraph. After observing from a cage for two days, Ramsey swam into open water and joined the shark in footage that seems to be getting a lot of attention lately, though similar videos surfaced last year and in years past.

“The goal was to go and find some great white sharks and collect video footage of their natural behavior, but also, if the opportunity arose and the conditions were right, to actually interact with them,” Ramsey told The Daily Telegraph in an interview this week.

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